Maree J. Wong ~ Jewelry Design Artist Bio:

My fondest and earliest memories of world Arts and Cultures began as a curious young  girl with regular exposure to National Geographic Magazines  at home as well as watching after- school film programs on global travel. I began drawing, sketching, paintings, creating collages and various art projects at a very young age as a member of a large family that encouraged independent thinking, resourcefulness, education and creativity at every opportunity.

Moving from Michigan to San Francisco 28 years ago allowed my artistic dreams to become a reality. Living near the Pacific Rim, with so many great influences from cultures and art, with easy access to world travel, fueled my imagination and the Bay Area is where my real creative journey began as a Jewelry Design Artist. My collecting of objets d’art and my passion for acquiring jewelry components has been an enduring love affair for the past twenty plus years.

I have been blessed by a growing clientele, as well as by world travelers, my sources. From them I have gathered distinctive components from India, Afghanistan, Southeast Asia, Africa, and all over the world. Plus, my own travels to Southeast Asia, Bali, French Polynesia, Kathmandu and beyond have allowed me the time and opportunity to absorb the cultures and arts, as well as to select quality components that personally speak to me.

Thus, my vast collection of beads and components has become my major source of inspiration as a Jewelry Art Designer for the past eighteen years. Studying these fascinating treasures from ancient trade routes and tribal regions is like arm-chair traveling into history: I feel surrounded by works of art and culture holding timeless treasured amulets and talismans, semi-precious stones and gems.  Many are sacred expressions of devotion and prayer, combining decorative forms often imbued with healing aspects.  They are, in a word, works of the Spiritual domain.

With that in mind, I call my Atelier business: Adornments for the Body & Spirit

Jewelry Design Artist’s Statement

My work is my meditation:  a joining and blending of internal and external beauty, you may say. But this “blending” is by no means easy to explain, define or  discuss because my creative, philosophical Spiritual practices have been a life-long process: my Journey of Life.  My spirituality gives energy and light to my creativity.

Spirit, the beauty within a person: their Heart, Mind and Soul; also an attitude of harmony and grace.  This can be a reflection of one’s exterior beauty, as when wearing a special piece of jewelry makes one’s eyes light up, illuminating a smiling aura.

My Journey of Life through many transformations has enriched and heightened my experiences, by developing a wealth of visual drama, vivid colors and individual flair with a profound respect for world cultures.  I see myself as an interpreter, a voice for these works, as a continuation of many rich and diverse artistic traditions throughout the world. In fact, my Jewelry Design Art is a medium of connecting bridges for an understanding and appreciation of various cultures.  In this regard, I have done extensive research in the cultural anthropology of tribal and world cultures, studying ethnographic pieces and designs.

Sometimes I am able to reproduce similar designs of my special creations.  However, the majority of my pieces are One-of a-Kind creation that are original in concept and fashioned with certain components that cannot be reproduced, thus giving each and every piece a truly distinctive and unique appeal as Adornments for the Body and Spirit. As such, “My Jewelry speaks for itself !”

“Fashion Your Life as a Garland of Beautiful Deeds !” ... Buddha

Among the Collectors of my Jewelry Design Art are Artists, Designers, Architects, Attorneys, Professors, Doctors, Accountants, a TV News Anchorwoman, Major Entertainment Celebrities, Actors, Musicians, Singers, a Talk  Show Hostess, Agents, Producers and Collectors.

* In addition to being a Jewelry Design Artist, I am also a diverse genre multi- media Painter with a considerable body of work.  See website listing;

A list of Past and Recent Participating Venues:in Fat

11th Anniversary Image For Success Spring Benefit Luncheon Event held at the Embassy Suites, San Rafael, California. This successful Fundraiser Benefit supports for the disenfranchised and individuals in transistion. May 2011

Tsunami Earthquake Relief Fundraiser Benefit held at ElseWhere GalleryFairfax, California March 2011

Benefit Fundraiser: Image for Success ~ PhilanSHOPIC Event held in South Park, San Francisco joined by White + Warren and ISDA & Co. October 2009

AAWAA 20th Anniversary Celebration ~ Silent Auction Donor ~ Educational resource and catalyst for change and empowerment of Asian American Women Artist. Event held in San Francisco, SOMarts Cultural Center, September 2009

10th Anniversary Image For Success Spring Benefit Luncheon held at the Embassy Suites, San Rafael, California. Benefit Fundraiser in support for the disenfranchised and individuals in transition. May 2009

Los Angeles Hollywood Celebrity Fundraiser for  International Relief for Darfur hosted by Film Producers Grant & Lysa Heslov, December 2007,,

San Francisco ArtSpan~OpenStudios, Jewelry Showing in Hunters Point Shipyard; participation in Open Studios and Fundraiser Auctions, in Support of the Arts and Artist Colony over the past several years

San Francisco Design Center Auction Charity for Educational Support Program

My Annual ”Holidaze Open House Trunk Show” held in Marin, County California

Edgewater Charity Fundraiser held in San Francisco Presidio for Educational Support Program

AAWAA ~ Asian American Women Artist Association Fundraiser held in San Francisco in support of Asian Women Artist

Los Angeles’ trendy China One Restaurant, Jewelry Designer reception hosted by Donna Wong, current Entertainment Director of One and Only Palmilla Resort/Kerzner International ~ current Enterpeneur Partnership (Allure Plus) Luxury Vacation Planner c~

Hollywood “Black Entertainment” Charity Event for Black Woman Business Caucus hosted by Agent Kenneth Reynolds

Bloomfield Hills Michigan, Jewelry Collection Show-Reception at World of Rugs Gallery, hosted by Illene Blackman and the Hagopian family

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