Maree J. Wong ~ Jewelry Design Artist
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Novato, California 94947 USA

Services Provided:

* Online Store - Retail Only
* Custom Designs Available Upon Request; (One-of a-Kind Designs)
* Items listed as "Sold" may be closely reproduced,
depending upon available components

* Please contact for further details
* Diverse Showing Available:
Fundraiser Events, Private Shows, Host Venue Parties

Jewelry Care and Tips:

* Keep jewelry clean and ready to wear; gently wipe off excess make-up and skin oils after each wearing
* Use nub -free, 100% cotton cloth; gently wipe the piece with finger tips to prevent scratching
* Store Gemstone and Pearl pieces with jeweler’s tissue paper and place inside soft bag
* Protect Pearls from scratches, perfumes and household chemicals, which can wear away the nacre or cause color change
* To remove excess Silver tarnish, polish with 100% cotton cloth using a good non-abrasive metal cleaner
* Avoid chlorine bleach, denatured alcohol, turpentine, acetone, ammmonia, toothpaste, or petroleum-based products that can actually harm silver, gemstones and pearls, resulting in dull or pit surface
* After cleaning with mild non-abrasive cleaners: remember to remove any remnants of cleaner from the silver, and semi-precious stones; rinse immediately and throughly with clean water
* Very important: “dry piece completely” to avoid leaving any moisture before storing
* Wrap Silver piece in jeweler’s tissue paper; then place item inside zip-lock bag and seal
* To protect scratches and nicks on all jewelry, wrap each piece in jeweler’s tissue and store separately

Note: Your purchased item comes wrapped with jeweler's tissue paper and anti-tarnish tab, as a courtesy safeguard. Each jewelry piece is a timeless Adornment. Thus, handling your jewelry with utmost care will preserve its integrity.

Payment and Shipping Policy :

* PayPal, Certified Money Order, Wire transfer
* U.S. Domestic shipping charges are subject to change, according to destination and weight
* U.S. Priority Mail shipping with Delivery Confirmation Receipt
* International Orders: Please contact for shipping according to destination
* Custom Orders: Require 40% down
* Prices are subject to change

For any questions, feel free to e-mail me ...

Thank you !

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* Quentin Guerlain ~ Writer & Editor *
* Patrick Frye ~ Gem Guru * Bonam Bohanec ~ Marin Computers *

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